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Testimonials From Crossdressers

As a new crossdresser I have already learned so much from this community. I have only been crossdressing for about a year and thought it was just something I had to learn on my own, and keep my crossdressing to myself. After finding this crossdressing site and meeting so many others who crossdress its really made me feel more secure about my crossdressing, I have learned so many things from other crossdressers that have posted answers to many of the same questions I have, who knew so many others would have the same questions as me. I have even began chatting in the chat rooms, nothing like communication with others who crossdress. Thanks for a great site.
-- Silky One, Texas

Your site has helped me take my crossdressing to a new level. I think I am now ready to venture out in public fully dressed. Thank all of the crossdressers who gave me advice and the confidence to take my dressing to a new level. Wish me luck, I will let you all know how it goes.
-- Cindy, California

I love this community. I've learned so much and I have only been here a short time. Thanks for making such a great site
-- Kari, Ontario

I'm a crossdressing male. I have learned a lot about makeup, hair and yes what to wear to help me pass as a woman when going out. It has increased my self-confidence when I go out as Amber.
-- Amber, Florida

All I ever want is to be accepted as a crossdresser but before finding your site I was alone in my crossdressing. Now I have several crossdressing friends and even met a few other crossdressers that were in my area. Being able to express my crossdressing with others has really changed my life.
-- Lingerie Guy, Arizona

I was looking for crossdressing stories and I found this site, I was amazed at the number of crossdreser stories added. This is now my favorite site, thanks!
-- Mandy, Iowa

Thanks for creating this site, I have been crossdressing for 5 years and wanted to tell my wife about my crossdressing but was scared to. After asking a question about how to tell my wife that I crossdress, I was amazed at the response from crossdressers who have told their wife and from others crossdressers also wanting to tell their wife. Many good tips and suggestions were added and I am happy to tell everyone that I told my wife and she is very supportive of my crossdressing. Thanks to all that gave advice and I hope others have the same success in telling their wife as I have.
-- James, Vermont

Just wanted to thank you for creating this site. I to became frustrated by the lack of good crossdressing sites, thanks for all the time you continue to put into this site.
-- DenverCD, Colorado

Thanks for giving me a place to post my crossdressing pictures where other crossdressers can enjoy them.
-- Garterlover, Michigan
I have been crossdressing for over 15 years. When I first started out I had no idea what to wear and how to wear it. I started out with just panties, then stockings and then a few pieces of lingerie, still really clueless as to what to wear, how woman sizes related to mens, I had many many questions but really no one to ask. I spend years wondering if I was the only one who enjoyed crossdressing.

As the internet came into existence I found a few web pages from other crossdressers and gained some knowledge through these web sites. At first I was encouraged by the web sites offering crossdressing tips and methods to crossdress. So, I checked them and was filled with hope that I had web sites I could visit to help with my crossdressing questions. I was sadly disappointed as when I went back to these web pages they were no longer there, it was that old saying "here one day gone the next". I later learned this was very common online, and learned that most personal pages dealing with subjects such as crossdressing are removed shortly after being setup by the site they were created on because the site feels they are adult in nature, and they do not allow those type of sites. Also I learned that most who set up a site do not realize the time involved in creating and updating a site. Many I found were never maintained and were falling apart and filled with features that did not work anymore. I was very frustrated as they were filled with just a handful of crossdressing details and crossdressing tips, and lack of crossdressing information. Even worse was that these sites where filled with all sorts of advertising for random things, placed there by the site that was hosting the personal page.

I was really disappointed by the results I got from my searches for crossdressing advice to say the least. But instead of giving up, I decided that since I couldn't find the crossdressing knowledge that I wanted, I'd just have to create a site of my own where all crossdressers could come and get crossdressing advice, crossdressing tips. A place where crossdressers could give there own advice to other crossdressers and where crossdressers looking for help could ask questions. A crossdressing community where all crossdressers could come and make it their community and add to it. A crossdressing site where all crossdressers no mater how long they have been crossdressing and what experience they have in crossdressing can come and communicate with other crossdressers and feel apart of a community.

What types of people crossdress? Crossdressers come from all walks of life, races, creeds, and economic backgrounds. The phenomenon dates back many thousands of years. In some cultures, especially some Native American tribes, they were highly respected as shamans. Most crossdressers are well-educated and come from conventional family backgrounds. The vast majority are heterosexual and most are, or have been, married. Most are happy in their masculinity, and only a small percentage opt to live as women full time. A few women are crossdressers, but they are much less numerous than their male counterparts. Perhaps this is due to the relative latitude society grants to women in matters of dress and self-expression.

Human being are sexual creatures. Especially early on, many crossdressers find the activity sexually stimulating. As time goes on, however, the sexual factor appears to become less prominent. Crossdressing is more a matter of personality than sexuality. For many the need to crossdress becomes a part of the self, just as musicians need to play music, writers need to write, or ballplayers need to play ball. A life without crossdressing expression is to some as tragic as the life of a musician forced to live without music. Like musical talent, crossdressing expression can be a real gift.

Are most crossdressers married? To this we can answer a resounding YES. In one survey of crossdressers it was found that about seventy percent of them were in fact married, and about seventy percent of those had children.

Wouldn't it be great to have a place you could visit and talk with others who crossdress, ask crossdressing questions, give your own advice to other crossdressers seeking advice. How about a place where you can express yourself, tell others about your crossdressing experiences, post crossdressing pictures, crossdressing movies and view crossdressing pictures and crossdressing movies from other crossdressers. Read and post your own crossdressing stories about first crossdressing experiences, crossdressing with other crossdressers, crossdressing in public, crossdressing with wife or girlfriend, and many many other crossdressing stories. How about chat with other crossdressers and get instant advice or give instant help to other crossdressers, or just carry on a conversation about how much you enjoy crossdressing, maybe even a steamy conversation with another crossdresser.

Why not create your own area of the crossdressing community, we offer you your own area where you can add info about yourself, and add pictures to your own crossdressing gallery.

Worried about being discreet, don't worry our site is TOTALLY DISCREET. We RESPECT your privacy.

So now you have a place you can call your own. Meet lots and lots of others who crossdress. View or post your own crossdressing advice, crossdressing stories, crossdressing pictures, crossdressing movies, take crossdressing surveys, and many more interactive features that are featured on this crossdressing community. We hope that you enjoy our crossdressing community

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